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A Resource for Recovery
Inspirado recovery board game is a solution-focused and action-oriented resource designed to support recovery from addiction.
A theory-informed resource for brief psychosocial interventions, group therapy sessions and, any other setting (virtual/ online settings inclusive) appropriate for the group or service.

Within treatment centres, rehabilitation centres and correctional facilities, Inspirado recovery board game has the potential to transform group therapeutic sessions into highly interactive client-focused sessions.


Inspirado hub sessions can either be staff-led or peer-led.

The primary focus of the project  is peer-led sessions; enabling participants/ players to access therapy in their own time at their own pace.


Inspirado recovery board game is also available to play online.

Find out more about playing online here.

"A brilliant, fun and inspirational tool for recovery"
2017 Playdate Review
"A brilliant, fun and inspirational tool for recovery"
2017 Playdate Review
The Power of Connection
Inspirado recovery board game is built on the belief that every human by nature is STRONG, BEAUTIFUL and FREE; and connection is key to unlocking this potential.
The vision of the project is to support the nurturing and promotion of social interactivity through innovation.
As a brief intervention resource, the recovery board game supports players with deeper understanding and motivation for recovery, whilst inspiring the sharing of life experiences in a non-intrusive format.
The Inspiradoian story
The Inspiradoian story is a story about eight (8) strong, beautiful and free individuals on a  pursuit to change their lives by responding to their innate abilities. These individuals are also driven by the people around them and most importantly, their motivation to change and realise their potential.
At Inspirado, everyone wins!
Find out more about the Inspiradoian gameplay here.
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The Inspiradoian 3D-Makeup

The three distinct components that makeup Inspirado recovery board game are the science, the setup and the characteristic features.

The science of the game describes how theories such as cycle of change, tiny habits, operant conditioning etc informed the design framework. 

The setup of the game enumerates the five different ways the game can be played. The five different ways of playing the recovery board game also provide a stepwise format of learning how to play the game. 

Lastly, the characteristic features of Inspirado recovery board game are relapse prevention, recovery capital, recovery planning, asset building (strengths-focused), and motivation building. 

Find out more about the Inspiradoian effect or impact here.

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