"A brilliant, fun and inspirational tool for recovery"
2017 Playdate Review
"A brilliant, fun and inspirational tool for recovery"
2017 Playdate Review
The Power of Connection
Inspirado recovery board game is built on the belief that every human by nature is STRONG, BEAUTIFUL and FREE and connection is key to unlocking this potential.
The vision of the project is to support the nurturing and promotion of social interactivity through innovation.

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A Resource for Recovery
Inspirado recovery board game is a solution-focused, action-oriented resource for recovery.
It is also a theory-informed boardgame built on Prochaska and
DiClemete's cyle of change, B.F. Skinner's operant conditioning and B.J.Fogg's behaviour model.


Reviews from the recovery community

Key Features

  • Recovery Planning

  • Strength-Focused

  • Recovery Capital

  • Motivation Building

  • Relapse Prevention

The story behind the game
This is a story about eight (8) strong, beautiful and free individuals on a  pursuit to change their lives by responding to their innate abilities. These individuals are also driven by the people around them and most importantly, their motivation to change and realise their potential.
At Inspirado, everyone wins!
Five Ways To Play Inspirado Board Game

The setup of playing Inspirado recovery board game involves three sets of cards, two dice, chips and a board. 


The development of the game has also taken into account the fact that everyone is at a different stage and are of different learning styles, hence the board game can be played in 5 different ways.



This is an all-card game. It involves the alert and inspirational cards shuffled, shared and discussed as a group. Find below the video tutorial of how it is played.





Sound off is played just like talking cards where players are encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings any time they landed on an event tile or picked up an alert or inspirational card.





This way of playing excludes the recovery plan cards. It involves playing the behavior die as a response to the alert cards and event tiles on the board.





This is also an all-card game, but this time around, recovery planning cards are shuffled, separated and used as a response to the 'Talking cards'.





This is the original setup and design of Inspirado recovery board game. It involves playing all the pieces with the board as detailed below.


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