This initiative supports new and developing recovery communities with a copy of Inspirado recovery board game.

Priority is given to prison recovery communities and peer-support groups in deprived communities around the world.


  1. Participants of the BRIC100 Games Project receive one (1) copy of Inspirado recovery board game.

  2. You will also have access to direct support via our website, emails or scheduled phone calls.

  3. Refund 90% of the cost price of the board game after 12 completed diaries within a period of at least three months.


  1. Complete the BRIC100 application below. BRIC100 orders will be considered after applications have been accepted.

  2. You will submit three (3) sets of play diaries over a period of at least 12 weeks.

    • The first set will be in the first 3 weeks, second set in the around 6 weeks and the last set around the 12 week mark.

    • These diaries will be accounts of both staff (facilitators) and people receiving support.

  3. Order a copy of the game using a PayPal account.

Complete the form below.

Response to applications is usually within seven (7) working days!

BRIC100 Application
Our meeting / group / cafe is interested in the recovery board game.
Our meeting/ group/ cafe supports recovery from substance use disorder
Our meeting / group / cafe is prepared to offer feedback or ongoing evaluations (respecting anonymity) every three calendar months.
Our meeting / group / cafe meets at least twice a calendar month.
We consent to giving Inspirado Hubs the right to use all feedback for research, development and promotion of the game for increased visibility of recovery.
We acknowledge 90% of the total cost of the game will be refunded after submission of 12 play diaries. NB: Postage is not refunded to participating groups outside the U.K.

Happy to hear from you

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