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Inspirado Hubs Ltd is a social enterprise that supports local communities and prisons around the world.

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Reviews from the recovery community

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The name 'Inspirado' is the Spanish translation for inspired. It is also the name adopted for the revolutionary board game set out to inspire players to stay motivated on the journey to recovery. It was developed with and for people in recovery to support the treatment of substance use disorder.


Inspirado is a relapse prevention board game that adopts an asset-building approach to recovery where players build up recovery capital after carefully reviewing their individual recovery plans to successfully complete the game.


Within treatment centres, rehabilitation centres and correctional facilities, Inspirado hopes to transform group therapy sessions by making it highly interactive and client focused. Inspirado hub sessions can either be staff led but also benefits from being entirely peer-led, enabling clients to continue to access therapy in their own time.


As a brief intervention tool, Inspirado supports players in areas such as providing a deeper understanding and motivation for recovery, whilst inspiring them to share about experiences in a non-intrusive way.


The game design is founded on behaviour theories such as B.F. Skinner's ABC model of operant conditioning; along with Prochaska and DiClemente's cycle of change; CBT Functional Analysis; and B.J. Fogg's Behaviour Model


The gameplay itself uses dice, cards, and tiles on the board to represent the different situations a person faces when in addiction and pursuing the recovery journey. The idea is to inspire both self-reflection and conversation between players during and after play.  Every effort has been made to make playing simple and fun, two areas where test players have given Inspirado overwhelming praise.





In a review from the Adelaide House in Liverpool, the interventions case manager disclosed they found Inspirado to be an exciting new innovative intervention that they intend to adopt and incorporate into their programme. She added, "Inspirado offered a fresh approach to addressing recovery and relapse prevention in a fun, non-intrusive manner".


According to Adelaide House, the players of the game have spoken about it repeatedly and have referred back to their experiences of Inspirado at other therapeutic sessions.  Some of the remarks included:

  1. ‘It’s nice to think about addiction in a different way’

  2. ‘It’s been educational and fun’

  3. ‘It makes you see things in a different way’

  4. ‘Staff playing along with us gives them a different insight into our issues’

  5. ‘I like how the ‘interaction’ highlights how other people can affect my recovery’.