Find below the online version of the 2020 gameplay guide with its download link.

Use the arrows to navigate through the pages of the guide.

Inspirado Hubs has included in its toolkit resources to encourage recovery capital conversations.

Firstly, an A3 paper size instructional poster for the 5 different ways of Inspiradonian gameplay has been developed in addition to ReCap pots (recovery capital conversations sheets), and action tracker sheets.

A meeting format with preamble has been written to support newly setup cafes or groups that may want to use the resource.

The recovery capital resource is an adaptation of Teodora Groshkova, Professor David Best and William White's assessment of recovery capital research. Full reference of the research can be found in the resources below.

The Recap pots sheet is designed to be used with the board game. Players allocate their morale chips to pots they strongly agree with, relevant to them or are working towards it.

Planned actions can be plotted and tracked on the Action Tracker.


Recovery capital workbooks are now available on the e-Learning platform* and to new subscribers. This booklet can be printed and used as homework.

* E-Learning platform is available to all with a copy of the game.

Find below the resources to download.

Inspirado Hubs A3 Instructional Poster
Meeting Format & Preamble
ReCap Pots - recovery capital conversation sheets
Action Tracker
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