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The elements or pieces involved in Inspirado recovery board game are two dice, three sets of cards, tokens (morale chips), and the board.

The overall tone of an Inspiradonian gameplay is motivational, with self-reflection and  meaningful conversations as the main outcomes.   


Every effort has been made to make playing simple and fun. The tiles on the board represent the different situations a person faces when in addiction and pursuing the recovery journey.

Winning and finishing the Game

From a therapeutic stance, every player wins in a game of Inspirado, whilst from the perspective of purely having fun, the player with the highest number of tokens wins. The tokens known as morale chips represents a player's recovery capital.


At the end of the game, using the acquired morale chips, players discuss aspects of their recovery capital currently relevant or obvious to  them. A worksheet known as ReCap Pots has been developed to serve as a guide to discuss a player's recovery capital. Each player receives a sheet  of five Recap Pots that is shared before the game starts. Players allocate their acquired chips to the pots most relevant to them as the game progresses.


Playing online may not require  the ReCap Pots sheet as  all the recovery capital statements are on the virtual chips.

A toolkit of resources has also been developed to support delivery of therapeutic sessions. 




The 5 Inspiradonian Setups

The development of the game has also taken into account that people have different learning styles and are at different stages in life at any given time. In view of this notion, five (5) different setups have been developed as a step-wise way of learning to play the full game. Each of these setups can be played and enjoyed as a standalone game.


Players are advised not to limit gameplay to just the proposed setups. 

Find below video instructions of the five different setups. 

You can also download an A3 poster of the manual here.



This is an all-card game. It involves the alert and inspirational cards shuffled, shared and discussed as a group. Find below the video tutorial of how it is played.





Sound off involves the board, inspirational cards, alert cards and the numbered die. Just like playing Talking Cards, players share their thoughts and feelings when they land on an event tile.





Playing 'Thoughts and Feelings' involves the board, inspirational cards, alert cards, the numbered die and the behavior/ emoji die. Unlike the 'Sound Off' and 'Talking Cards', players respond to event tile actions with the behavior/ emoji die. 





This is also an all-card game, but this time around, recovery plan cards are shuffled, separated and used as a response to the 'Talking cards'.





This is the original setup and design of Inspirado recovery board game. It involves playing all the pieces with the board as detailed below.

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