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Let the Games begin!! 

Click the link below to play online on a web browser.

NB: This will not work on mobile devices. 

Read more about the setup below if this is your first time playing Inspirado online.


Platforms and Devices

The online version of the board game is hosted on Tabletopia


Tabletopia is a digital sandbox system for playing board games with no artificial intelligence (AI) to enforce the rules. This means players have a virtual experience similar to playing a board game in real life. Players have the ability to roll the dice, pick and flip cards, while picking up and moving their pawns round the board.


The online version of the recovery board game is at present ONLY available on PCs and laptops. Players with mobile devices can be involved through the 'Play Hotseat' function and the facilitator sharing their screen on Zoom/Teams or any other video conference app of their choice


Facilitators or hosts need either a computer or laptop to host a playdate event; whilst players require either a computer or mobile device to play.



Currently available online are three (3) out of the five (5) different ways of playing Inspirado recovery board game.

Choose the 'Talking Cards' setup if you wish to play the 'Talking Cards' and 'The Board Game' setup if you wish to play either 'Sound Off' or 'Thoughts and Feelings'.

Details of playing each setup can be found in the rules document found on the resource page.  


Virtual playdate overview


Definition: A playdate in Inspiradonian terms refers to play sessions.  


Interested individuals can host or facilitate their own playdate.

They will need;

  • Access to the internet.

  • A form of communication. This could either either be audio or video which could either be via mobile or phone networks, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime etc. 

  • A computer or laptop. 

    • Find out more about the computer system requirements here.

  • Two (2) to eight (8) players. 

    • NB: This game does not support solo play.

Setting up a virtual playdate

Virtual setup
  • Appoint a person as host or facilitator.

  • Hosts/ Facilitators will need to first register to be able to facilitate gameplay.​

  • Search for 'Inspirado Hubs' in the search box of the Tabletopia website should you find yourself in another game after registration.

  • Choose 'Play Hotseat' after registration.

The 'Play Hotseat' option gives hosts the ability to seamlessly facilitate gameplay. 

  • Using the 'share screen' option of the video conferencing application of your choice, players can listen and contribute.

  • Hosts/ facilitators are automatically given a virtual seat at the table.


Let the Games begin!! 

Click the link below to play online on a web browser.

NB: This will not work on mobile devices. 


Playing the game online 

Once you start the game, you will be given a tour round the play table. Familiarise yourself with the gameplay here if you are new to Inspirado. 

Find below a screenshot of the navigation controls for computers and laptops. 

NB: Experiment to understand the controls.  


Talking cards.jpg

Do not hesitate to request for support (via the contact form) if need be. Virtual tutorial playdate can be scheduled. 

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