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Who’s got your back?

Having a sense of belonging and connection is something we strive for day in day out as humans. It is this sense of community that fuels our hopes, defining our identity in life and empowering us to live meaningfully.

In his 2015 TED talk on ‘Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong’, Johann Harri arrived at the conclusion that a sense of belonging and connection plays an essential role in the treatment of addiction.

Echoing a similar narrative, Dr Gabor Maté, a leading expert in addiction, stress and childhood development, stated that addiction happens in a context of social or cultural dislocation.

To a person recovering from addiction, a sense of connection is everything. Reconnecting with supportive family and loved ones at the very onset can be a great asset, however this is not always the case. In some cases peers with similar history could be the bridge and support to familial, social, cultural and spiritual connections.

It is on this backdrop Inspirado Hubs is donating 100 board games to 100 new and old peer support groups all around the UK. We believe peer support is the bedrock for building sustainable recovery within local communities.

Through the 100 Games project we bring to life our slogan, ‘inspiration through connection’. We want to fan the flames of family, social, cultural and spiritual connections through Inspirado Hubs, and board games have the history of doing just that.

Applications are been accepted from peer support groups interested in taking part. Service providers and their stakeholders can also support by promoting this initiative within their local communities.

Find out more about the 100 Games project here.

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